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Dentistry that will make you smile!

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Kilsyth Dental Clinic has provided dental care in Kilsyth and surrounding areas for over 40 years. In that time we have developed a practice that is family orientated with a focus on dental needs across all ages.

Our emphasis is on prevention and early diagnosis so that we can manage dental disease. Managing dental health requires a flexible approach to each patient’s needs and therefore we are mindful that at different stages of life the requirements of treatment change.

We cater for the dental needs of the whole family and can provide not only general dental care but also many specialised services.

A great smile is a huge asset and we can help make yours the very best possible.

Our clinic aims to provide people with beautiful smiles for life.

About Us


In these days of rapid change we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with changes in dentistry. Continuing education is an important aspect of our professional life and enables us to bring the latest aspects of modern dentistry to our patients.

  • Complete diagnostic procedures

  • Root Fillings - Endodontics

  • Gum disease treatment- Periodontics

  • Modern pain relief

  • Sedation including nitrous oxide

  • Dental Anxiety Management

  • Cosmetic Dental Solutions

  • Crowns and Veneers

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Fresh Breath Solutions

  • Treatment of Dental Erosion

  • Treatment of Teeth Grinding

  • Solutions for Mild Sleep Apnoea

  • Facial Pain Management

  • Treatment of Fractured Teeth

  • Crown and Bridgework

  • Replacement of Missing Teeth

  • Implant Advice 

  • Dentures

  • Mouthguards

  • Orthodontic Diagnosis

  • Extractions and Minor Oral Surgery

  • Management of Wisdom Teeth

  • Special Needs & Geriatric Dental Care

If you need more information about a dental problem or need to learn more about different dental treatments ask Jamie the Dentist

Preventive Dental Care


Good oral health is like the rest of your body,

it requires daily maintenance and input. With regular check-ups, professional cleaning and advice specific to your requirements we can help you manage your oral health with the aim of preventing or minimising potential dental problems.

Nitrous oxide (Happy/Laughing Gas)


Nitrous oxide is available for both adult and child patients to help alleviate dental anxiety and reduce discomfort during treatment

Teeth Whitening


For stained or discoloured teeth, teeth whitening can lighten the hard outer layer of each tooth. 

Care for the medically compromised


All our patients have any special needs built into their treatment plan. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you feel may be specific to you, or your family member, with your dentist during the consultation. Our staff are happy to provide any information you may require about accessing the surgery. Our receptionists are also able to phone taxi services.

Especially for Children


It is important that children commence dental inspections from pre-school age and our staff strive to make this a pleasant experience. Introductions to the surgery setting can be arranged. Toys, games and books are provided to occupy younger family members while parents have their treatment.


is now available to eligible children.

Read more.

Minimal Intervention


Minimal intervention dentistry is a practice that combines many of the aspects of preventative dentistry and the conservation of teeth to reduce the risk factors associated with dental decay. Risk factors such as diet, saliva flow and bacterial content of saliva (established by the use of simple tests), your medical history and your current dental and general health are all established to build up a picture of your dental risk factors and this information can be used to establish how you and and your dentist can work toward reducing those risks.

Our Services
Our Dentists


Dr. Keith Maginness

B.D.Sc (Melb),  L.D.S.(Vic)

Dr. Imran Khan

B.Sc., B.D.Sc (Hons) (Melb)

Dr. James Cary

B.D.Sc (Melb),  L.D.S.(Vic)


Dr. Cara Epstein

B.D.S (JCU)  

Dr. Imran Khan

B.Sc., B.D.Sc (Hons) (Melb)

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Contact Us


Our Address

466 Mt Dandenong Road

Kilsyth VIC 3137


Tel: 03 9723 2648

Opening Hours

Normal opening hours:

Monday to Friday  8:00am – 5:00pm

Tuesday Evenings until 7:00pm

Saturday 8:30am – 12:30pm


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